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Tailoring Services (Alterations & Repairs)

We provide a wide range of alterations and repairs to garments and household items at all branches of Ovybrooks Laundry/Dry Cleaning Services. From trouser shortening to button replacement to zip adjustments, Ovybrooks Laundry/Dry Cleaning Service can carry out bespoke repairs, tailored to your specific requirements.

All alterations and repairs are carried out at the branch, providing a quick turnaround service. All our branches are fitted with private fitting rooms so our tailors can fit your garments if required. From minor repairs and alterations to complicated adjustments and unique bespoke jobs, our team of highly experienced tailors is always on hand to offer you an outstanding professional service.

We have a team of master tailors who specialize in invisible repairs. Invisible repairs is a highly skilled and time-consuming method of repairing damage to cloth by taking individual threads from a hem, side seam or other concealed part of the garment of the same type and re weaving them over the damaged area to make as near perfect repairs as is humanly possible.