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Mattress Cleaning


We are one of the top management companies in South Africa. With us you can enjoy a variety of domestic Cleaning jobs, like carpet, upholstery and mattress Cleaning, that guarantee to keep your home in top condition. Our mattress Cleaning services are performed by very experienced and knowledgeable cleaners. We guarantee to fully remove odours, stains, bed bugs and other allergens of your bedding. Our mattress cleaners use a range of innovative tools to make sure the last bed bug has been eliminated and removed. When you need help with bed bug control , call us! We deliver high standard mattress Cleaning service, that ensures removal of bed bugs, spores and bacteria. Our competitive prices and great results have won us many satisfied customers. We strive at delivering high standard of customer service with every service we put on the market. Your mattresses will be professionally cleaned and ready to use right away. Our bed bug control team guarantees your beddings will receive the attention it needs and deserves, to ensure you'll get a good night sleep. We use a range of tools and techniques when applying our bed bug extermination method. The most effective and highly recommended one us the UV-light mattress Cleaning technique. It has a number of benefits you can take advantage of.

  • Fully natural and eco-friendly
  • Complete extermination of bed bugs, spores, bacteria and other allergens
  • Effective on carpets, upholstery, chairs, soft toys, curtains and other soft surfaces
  • Extra beneficial to people suffering with asthma, rhinitis, itchy red eyes

Our mattress Cleaning services include thorough vacuum clean of the soft surfaces in your home after the application of the UV light. With the help of our powerful vacuum cleaner, we will remove bed bugs and their dropping from deep inside of your home's soft surfaces. Our professional mattress Cleaning team have removed stains of blood, red wine, food, ink of mattresses of different material and size. In addition to healthy begging, when booking bed bug control with us, along with dry Cleaning of carpet of upholstery, we will offer you additional discounts.


To have your mattress Cleaning performed by experienced technicians, call us now! We will offer you free no-obligation quotes and some of the lowest prices around. Our phone lines are open 24/7. Our bed bugs treatment can also be scheduled online via our make a booking form. And if you have questions, contact us to get the answers you are looking for.

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