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Ceiling Partitioning

Ceilings and Partitions

We provide all types of suspended ceilings. These include: lay-in suspended, concealed, MF, bulkheads, pelmets, perimeter solutions, clean room, medical, impact resistant, washable, office, industrial, corridor to name just a few. Our suspended ceiling tiles are made from mineral fiber, plasterboard or metal, and are attached to a metal grid work that is fixed by wire hangers to the soffit above in order to create the suspended ceiling.

We provide all types of partitioning that include

Metal stud,
Timber stud,
Aluminum framed,
Fully glazed, double glazed, glazed with integral blinds,
Metal skin,
Full height glazed silicone jointed and many more.

In addition our partitioning systems can be custom built to meet the specific requirements of your project. Whether you require glass partitions, a half glazed partitioning system or solid office partitioning, our team of experts is here to advise you on the best solution to meet your requirements. We have installed suspended ceilings and partitions across Gauteng Province and Johannesburg in all industry sectors including: schools, offices, warehouses, hospitals and many industrial and commercial buildings.

We also offer fire rated suspended ceilings and fire rated partitions which provide 1 hour fire rating to our suspended ceilings and partitions.

Dry Lining:

We install all types of dry-lining including dot and dab (basic), TL (for thermal laminates), MF (for thermal laminate), RF (installation of boards over thermal laminates), Universal (for forming cavities), IWL (independent wall lining) used were fixing into the existing wall is difficult, Single sided partitions.

http://www.cpc-interiors.co.uk/images/0227.png Taping and Jointing:

We tape and joint new partitions and ceilings. This system provides an alternative to traditional plastering which is cost effective, crack resistant, provides fast track installation times and is a cleaner option than that of plastering.

http://www.cpc-interiors.co.uk/images/010.png Standard Partitions:

These usually include either metal or timber studs and a layer of plasterboard to each side. Other options include: Double layer boarding, insulation within the cavity, plastering, taping and jointing, cover trims, windows, blinds, doors and frames, skirting, architrave, decoration wall paper, muraspec or Painting.

http://www.cpc-interiors.co.uk/images/118.png Performance Partitions:

These are similar to the above but generally include special plasterboard i.e Sound bloc, Fire line or Dura line (tough). They may also include specialist studs including acoustic studs, jumbo studs, heavier gauge metal, deflection heads, twin frames, high heights, fire protection and acoustic protection.

http://www.cpc-interiors.co.uk/images/43.png Aluminum framed partitions:

These are made from aluminum studs (2 layers of plasterboard with cardboard interior 45mm thickness). They can accommodate glazing either single or double and integral venetian blinds. These are best utilised to divide up office environments.

http://www.cpc-interiors.co.uk/images/0066.png Silicone Glazed Partitions:

These are fully glazed partitions usually utilising 10/12mm toughened glass with a silicone joint to provide full visibility. They can be constructed using either single or double glazing. They can easily accommodate single or double doors. If privacy is required there is a system that using an electric current to make the glazing become opaque.

http://www.cpc-interiors.co.uk/images/302.png Operable Walls

An Operable wall is an effective, affordable and simple way of adding versatility, privacy and functionality to any working environment, Operable walls consist of panels which are moved one at a time and join to form a partition wall. Operable walls provide you with the option to locate the panels away from the actual opening. When in position the panels offer all the properties and appearance of a permanent partition wall.

http://www.cpc-interiors.co.uk/images/0258.png Plastering:

We can plaster your new or existing partition or ceiling. This is the traditional method of finishing plasterboard. It provides a very durable and smooth finish.

If you require additional works to complete your project we can look after this for you. We have a large database of quality time served tradesmen.


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